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Customer Reviews

We know we have a great product, great quality, great service and it is all backed by our guarantee! But, don't take our word for it. Listed below are what some of our actual customers have to say.

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
I absolutely love the screens John installed in my arena! Not only do they keep out rain and wind, they just made my arena look complete!! His installers were so professional and John went above and beyond everything he said he would do, they even installed some screening on the pergola that is attached to my arena so it’s shaded now! I consider John Verde a friend and a true man of his word!
Rhonda, Aledo, TX

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
If we could give John and the team more than 5 stars we would without hesitation. He helped us bring a bucket list item to reality for our therapeutic riding facility.John  thoroughly understood the specific needs of our arena and our program and went above and beyond to help us provide a better arena for our riders with disabilities and challenges.He was very accommodating with each one of our specific needs and requests. We highly recommend Strokemaster Windscreen Supply to anyone seeking this type of product!
Wings of Hope, Cleburne, TX

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
I am so pleased with the windscreens I ordered for my barn's four stalls. The barn has no roof overhang so the stalls are not protected from wind or rain blowing sideways. The recent bad weather, i.e., chilling wind and rain, put the screens to the test. I can confirm that they performed as intended. They blocked the wind and the stalls remained dry. What a difference! I was pleasantly surprised by the cost; they were an economical solution to the problem. My horses benefit immensely, and I have peace of mind, less clean-up, and a product that will last for years.Of equal importance is the unsurpassed customer service provided by John Verde and Joyce Spencer, who were incredibly friendly, professional and hands-on from start to finish. This project moved swiftly because of their engagement and commitment to the outcome. When I completed installation and realized one screen was missing a grommet, John drove from Fort Worth to my home near Houston to add the grommet and inspect the installation. That is service beyond the sale, something in short supply these days, and priceless!
Nancy Hubener, New Ulm, TX

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
Strokemaster Screens are well made, look nice and last for years.  We tried cheaper screens and the results were not good. We had to replace them after a short time. You can trust this company.
Clay Johns, Millsap, TX

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
Our screens have been installed for over 25 Years. This company does windscreens very well and you'll be delighted with positive results. John Verde is a good man.
Jim Willoughby, National Reining Horse Hall of Fame, Bowie, TX

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
When I called your company, I was very confused. I needed to cover my pergola, and I did not know how to pick the right screen. I wanted a little sun, but I did not know what percentage of light I would be happy with. When I talked to JOHN VERDE, I said I just do not know what thickness or percentage would be just right for me. John said I want you to stop worrying about percentages, as he had the perfect screen for my pergola. I was thrilled to be talking to someone who actually took away the stress I was having regarding this whole issue. He seemed so nice, and did not make me feel like a fool when I was overly anxious about this whole project. I did order the screen, hoping I was doing the right thing. I could not believe how perfect this screen is. It lets in the exact amount of light I wanted, and it is made extremely well. Now here is the kicker: I was not happy about needing a screen because I thought they were not so pretty to look at. This one is beautiful! I was not expecting that to happen, so I was more than pleasantly surprised. Because of John's knowledge and patience, I would recommend this company to anyone needing a screen.
Marcia Kuperstein, Morega, Calif.

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
John's support was extremely helpful regarding the design and construction of my movable pasture shelters on skids. He advised regarding material for the frame, dimensions, and mobility. He offered several measurement options for the windscreens, being sure I could stay within my budget and counseled as to installation. I appreciate his support in the project and enjoyed doing business with him! Thank you, John.
Natalya Gryson, Brevard, NC

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
I needed some wind, rain, and sun protection for my horses stall and these windscreens did the trick! Being an out of state customer was not an issue. The folks at StrokeMaster Windscreens worked with me via phone and email to design the best use of their windscreens for my space. I was pleasantly surprised that the windscreens are lightweight and arrived in a fairly small, easy to carry box. I installed all three screens by myself and I am very happy with the result. Great product quality, easy installation, and nice people to work with...what more could a customer ask for! Thank you StrokeMaster Windscreens for a job well done!
Christina Forno, Santa Clarita, Calif.

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
We installed these screens a year ago; their durability is awesome. In my opinion they are the best thing since the wheel. Their application is so versatile for industrial use to farm and home . They block out wind , snow, rain and the hot sun as well but still allow light and air into outside buildings.  I worked directly with John, he is a pleasure to talk to and work with. George in Kansas.
George Starbuck, Ottawa, Kansas

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
I have used John Verde for tennis windscreens, at my previous club (Northwood Club, Dallas) and my current club (Wesmoreland CC, Chicago area). At both clubs, he educated the head pro and myself why the need to invest in polyurethane wind screens versus typical nylon. His polyurethane screens have nearly triple the life, are much more durable, and have no color fading - - just a more professional look and smart investment. John is knowledgeable about fencing and how to reinforce a weak fence, if necessary, to handle the weight of polyurethane screens. All in all, his service is first class and pricing is fair and competitive. I highly recommend him John Verde and Strokemaster!
John Guy CCM, Wilmette, IL

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
Stroke Master did an outstanding job in all aspects of the project for the Durant Independent School District. Our Tennis Courts look GREAT!
Duane Meredith, Durant, Okla

5 Star Review for Windscrren Supply by Strokemaster
Really enjoyed talking to John.He delivered exactly what we needed to get a wind block on our north side of barn, very professional and very quick delivery.Thanks.Randy DehneTopgun Ranch.
Randy & Stacy Dehne, Edmond, Okla

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